Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering process.

You choose the colour and size of the product you wish to purchase.

Click on the cart icon.

Go at the right of the home page and choose your shopping cart in order to see the products you wish to buy.

At this stage you can remove a product from the shopping cart and ask for shipping charges.

By clicking on the icon purchase at the low right section you can confirm your order. Otherwise you may continue browsing to aother products.

If you choose to purchase products, follow one by one step process to complete your order. Below you may find the description of the procedure.

Step 1

You can register as a new customer to have the ability to track the order at any time. Otherwise you can make your purchase as a guest, without having to follow the registration process. If you are already a client enter the username and password to log in to your account details.

Step 2

If you choose to place your order as visitor fill in your personal details, such as your shipping address. When you are already a customer choose the address that your order will be sent.

Step 3

Complet all the details required for shipping.

Step 4

Select the shipping method and report any comment you believe may be important for your shipment. For example, floor, bell name,  etc.

Step 5

You can select the method of payment for your order. You have 3 options with PayPal, bank transfer and cash on delivery. The first two options do not incur any
additional costs. Here again you have the option to post a comment. At this step to continue you must click in the field "I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions»

Step 6

You can again verify the products you have ordered and you will be informed about the final cost of the order including shipping charges. Finally choose confirmation. So you have successfully completed your order !!!


Order is taken from the Macadamia Fashion, by the time you receive your e-mail confirmation  with the order number.

During the processing of each registered order, we simultaneously confirm the stock availability of your products. If the availability differs from the listed items in the product page, the customer will be informed.

You are obliged to check the order and immediately inform the Macadamia Fashion (within two hours from the time of receiving electronic notice), in writing (via e-mail at for any error.

The shop prices can change at any time without notice. Macadamia Fashion bares no liability and does not cover any differences in prices of products purchased by Macadamia Fashion brand stores, where the customer realized a difference in the prices.

The various product offers are valid until the stock is over.

The Macadamia Fashion is not responsible and is not bound to any errors in features, photographs and prices of products appearing on the website and can not ensure that there are no errors from any cause during the introduction and / or updating of attributes and / or price of a product.

Send Gift

It is possible to receive an order from another person as a gift, without him to pay or take any sales receipt. Simply choose gift and at the comments indicate your the delivery address in order for you to receive the original receipt. In this case the payment is via bank deposit or PayPal.

Cancel order / Additional order

You can cancel your order by sending an e-mail to Depending on the development stage of your order, we will inform you about the options. If your order has already been delivered to the cooperating courier company, you should contact the courier company.

You can make additional order if your order is not delivered to the courier company yet. You should include in the comments of the additional order that it is a supplementary purchase. In order to include both orders in the same packaging, it is requested that you submit the supplementary order latest by 08:30 of the next day.

Payment methods

The form of payment you choose when ordering:

With delivery of the price paid for your order upon delivery of the product in the space you selected.
With bank deposit company. Once your order is ready, we will contact you.